Desperate Sales Professional of a

Multi-Billion-Dollar company finally uncovers a Secret to:

Part 1

Do you want to keep growing your sales all while working remarkably less?

Do you want to keep growing your sales irrespective of the market turbulence?

If you’re wishing for rapid sales growth irrespective of market turbulence, time or customers, then this might be the most important stuff you read all year.

Being a former Sales Professional of a Multi-Billion-Dollar Company & today, the Managing Director of a group of companies, I have grown my businesses by 552% in 5 years with a secret I hold close to my chest.

Thanks to Avinash, I can clearly see how to Double my Sales by Firing 27% of my customers.

Yunus Kadkol, Managing Director, Homstone Industries, An INR 20 Crore (US $ 3 Million) Company

I accidentally uncovered a 'Secret' to work remarkably less & yet achieve a rapid surge in sales after desperately wanting to find a way out of my f#ucked up sales workload which prevented me in achieving my goals or spend quality time with my family. 

The secret is so powerful that I grew my sales year-on-year, fired customers who didn't deserve my time and had plenty of time to do a lot more meaningful work, rather than just doing the fire-fighting, urgent, urgent, urgent menial work.

The Secret (S.M.C) is my #1 Growth Arsenal & I have never shared this secret with anyone in the past 7 years until now.

It's based on a principle which is in sync with the way nature operates.

It contradicts with experienced business leader's or business guru's advice on growing your sales.

Why I am sharing it? ...because I am on a mission. You'll know the details of my mission soon.

...and I have a voice for text. So pardon me if you're a pure video guy.

In the next few pages I'm going to "reframe" your reality … just a little — but enough to give you some big "Ah-Ha!" moments.

Firstly, I’m going to start by establishing a “frame” with an age old story of 4 blind men originated in the ancient Indian Subcontinent
(You might have heard it, but I still urge you to re-read again)

A group of blind men were asked to describe what the elephant looked like. None of them were aware of its shape and form.

One by one they stretched their hands to feel the shape of the elephant.

The first one held the tail and said: Oh! the Elephant is like a rope.

The next one touched it's body & said: "No, it's like a wall"

The third one said: "It like a FAN" after touching its ear.

The last one touched the elephant's trunk said: "You're all wrong, it's like a big snake"

What’s the point of the 'Elephant' story?

The elephant represents the actual reality of our work

& the blind men represent us. We're all blind in one way or the other.

What if we’re seeing only a part of the reality of our work & maybe the complete reality is much more different?

Think about it for a minute. 

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