A breakthrough discovery by a desperate Sales Professional will help you to

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Have you ever wondered if you could keep growing your sales all while working remarkably less or grow your sales rapidly regardless of market turbulence?

If you’re wishing for rapid sales growth irrespective of market turbulence, time or customers, then this might be the most important stuff you read all year.

Hi, I'm Avinash Kunchurkar, a former Sales Professional of a Multi-Billion-Dollar Company & today, the Managing Director of a group of companies.

I have grown my businesses by 552% in 5 years with a secret I held close to my chest for 7 years.

I accidentally discovered a secret in 2012, after desperately wanting to find a way out of my f#ucked up sales work life which prevented me in achieving my goals or spend quality time with my family.

Thanks to Avinash, I can clearly see how to Double my Sales by Firing 27% of my customers.

Yunus Kadkol, Managing Director, Homstone Industries, An INR 20 Crore (US $ 3 Million) Company

The secret is so powerful that I grew my sales year-on-year, fired customers who didn't deserve my time and had plenty of time to do a lot more meaningful work.

Maybe this is exactly what you want to achieve.

I am sure you've tried a lot of work management tactics, time management concepts, googled solutions to your problems, read many blogs, took advice from your seniors or business gurus and more...

Yet nothing really helped.

Because all the advice ever given had only one aim: Help you manage your problem. They were never meant to solve them.

The reason is that all the tactics, advice & solutions you've ever tried till date never addressed the REAL problem.

What do I mean by REAL problem?

Assume you're a professional sprinter/runner and you're running at your fastest speed. You would probably know how many minutes or seconds you would take to reach the desired endpoint. Right?

What if you were wearing wrongly designed shoes and your path was filled with potholes?

In such a case, "it's not completely your fault if you didn't reach the endpoint on time"

But instead, you are being told that 'It's your inefficiency in managing your work' and you end up focusing on yourself --- how to reach faster... instead of focusing on finding a different path"

What if... you can find a different path and switch your work system to a path without potholes?

Or even better...

What if... you can switch your work system to a path without potholes and the path automatically moves forward just like a flat escalator (Moving walkway) you see at the airport.

I accidentally discovered a "Moving Walkway for Work" in 2012 and life has never been the same...

But before this discovery, I was stuck like rat in a trap and I am glad I was...

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