A breakthrough discovery by a desperate Sales Professional will help you to

Part 2

It was not long ago when I was working as a Sales Professional.

I did good initially.

In just 7 Months of joining this company, I was promoted to a larger role....& my Salary was Doubled.

I was super excited.

The New role, demanded time, had a larger region to cover & large customer base to handle.

Though I put my best foot forward
& worked really Hard, mSales Tanked !

I had no clue why?

I possibly did everything every sales book told me to.(again based on my old reality)

Going Frantic about my Struggle,

I became obsessed with achieving my sales goals.
Worked my ass off for straight 12-14 hours a day.

At times “I woke up early” to dominate my work.
And at times “I worked late night.”

Still, my sales numbers struggled to grow significantly.

So the question:

Obsessing about achieving your professional-work goals wrong??

Not at all..

How are we supposed to be on Top of our game as a professional and still keep our life buttery smooth?

I kept looking for a solution to overcome my challenges.

I kept reading books,

Googled my “How To” questions,

Read blogs and articles,

Followed multiple strategies and concepts,

Followed advice of many Sales & Business Gurus.

Nothing really helped to get me, out of my situation

I was getting frustrated & Desperate.

And now, I was about to become a proud father.

I had to find a way!

I wanted to be there for my family

…& still achieve my goals in life.

After many months of struggle…

Finally, the day arrived.

When I was in a bookstore, I came across a book which appealed to me.

I started reading the book.

The more I read, the more the book resonated with my situation.

I grabbed a copy, went straight home and started reading

As I kept reading…

I got multiple perspectives about my work, which reframed my beliefs

...and then, I came across a question.

The question in the book made a profound impact.

And it accidentally got connected to an incident, when I was 17 years old

With which an Idea Emerged

Though one part of me was skeptical saying:
“This Idea will not work & you’ll crash.”

The other part persuaded me saying:
“Give it a go, you have got nothing to lose.”

In a time when I was going through a rough patch of life, I went ahead listening to my other part and gave ‘my idea’ a try

& then… something unexpected happened....

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