How to

" The Gate principle of Work "

"Assume The Gate as per above image weighs around 100 Kg / 220 Lbs "

Now, imagine you are trying to open the right-hand side of gate by holding on the area which is marked in GREEN.
(Check the Green Spot on the above Gate Image)

That's normal.

Everyone opens it that way. YAY! Cool.

Now, imagine you are trying to open the gate by holding on the area which is marked YELLOW.

It now takes more effort to open the gate than earlier.

and when you try to open the gate by holding on the area which is marked RED...

It takes a Hell Lot of Effort to open the Gate

Do you agree?

If you don't, I suggest you try this example yourself practically. you'll know it.

Now... coming to its relevance.

As you see, the objective was obvious: "Open the Gate", and you did it in three ways. The GREEN one required the least effort while the RED one needed the most.

Now, the same applies to you. Your objectives possibly are.....

  1. To be a high Sales performer or have a high Sales performing team. 
  2. To achieve your sales goals.
  3. Promotions and growth,
  4. Recognition,
  5. Fame, etc.

What if you are holding on the RED area to achieve those objectives??

Think about it.

That's bad...

What's worse....

You have no clue which is that GREEN , the YELLOW and the RED area of your work which you are currently relying upon to achieve your objectives.

Pause for a moment now and give it a thought.

When the results you are expecting can be achieved by putting less efforts, by working less, why put in those extra hard work to achieve the same results?

Of course, you have heard this advice, followed and might have told to your team members, which says

More calls per day.
More emails per day.
More visits per week.
Quicker response to enquiries / RFQ’s (Request for Quote)
Aggressive follow up on enquiries / RFQ’s

And you should get more results.

Yes.... you will get more results, no doubt about it.

But is it worth it?

It's equivalent to holding on to the RED area and putting more efforts.

Why put extra hard efforts holding the RED area, when you can do the same holding the GREEN area with least efforts.

Hope you get the point....

I call this..


The Point, The Area which you use to leverage your efforts.

The FULCRUM is such an important part of everyone's work life that almost nobody bothers to look at it. Only a Few people in the world recognize this and use it to their advantage.

When you start to recognize the existence of FULCRUM, you naturally would want to control the Fulcrum to give you, the highest possible leverage so that you get maximum results with least efforts put in.

SalesMoonCurve gives you the ability to command and control the Fulcrum with which you can Work Remarkably Less, Fire your customers & Double your Sales. 

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