A Salesperson's Honeymoon

A Compelling journey to becoming a Pre-Eminent Salesperson while having a fulfilled life

Part 1 of 2

WARNING:  Everything written below might contradict with the way you approach your sales work now, but I feel it's the need for the hour and hence has to be said.

"The Colleague and The Young Man"  are the two made-up categories (or models) to tell you about a series of situation many salespeople are into.

Though these two characters in the below story are not the typical 'flesh & blood people', but their traits are absolutely real and based on real people.

You’re currently one of ’em.

Which one? … well, you’ll need to read this short story to discover it yourself.

Once there was a bright young man, who was often called as a Pre-Eminent Sales Person.

Almost everyone had started seeing that this young man carried out his activities differently, and they were startled by the results he pulled out Year-On-Year.

One of his colleague, who sits just opposite his desk in the same cubicle, had been observing him for a few months now.

Finally, after months of observation, his colleague stood up, initiated a conversation with this young man and started speaking out his heart.

Hey, I have been observing you for many months now, I wanted to ask you this for a long time.

You have more responsibility than me, you cover extensive client base and yet I see you taking out time to play table-tennis, billiards, volleyball, go out for a coffee and a snack break for an easy half-an-hour and end up crunching your sales numbers much before the end of the year.

I am sure you also have enough time for your personal life & your personal goals.

“Hmmm, yes I do.” said the young man with humility.

“How do you do all of it?” asked the colleague.

Can you share it openly with me?

You know what, I would like to open up and share a lot about me to you today.

I hope you don’t mind.

“Not at all, I would love to hear you. Go on..” said the young man with a keenness to know.

His colleague started expressing his thoughts:

I want to confess.


A deep mess and I don’t know what to do.

I am working really hard.

In-fact, I am working almost 12 hours a day for many months now.

But still, my sales numbers are battling to rise.

I have tried many Task-To-Do Apps, Time Management concepts, Work Planners, Reminders, Planning & prioritizing techniques... they are helping in bits and pieces, but they are not solving my real-hard-problems.

My personal and professional life is in jeopardy.

My Laptop seems to be always ‘ON’ even on Saturdays
and Sundays.

And now with the ‘new-born’ in my home, I want to devote my time to enjoy the role of a father.

I am unhappy.

I am under stress.

My personal goals have gone in the graveyard.

Do you have any REAL SECRETS which you apply consistently and is helping you get results the way you are getting it now?

If the answer to that question is yes, can you please help me?


The Young Pre-Eminent Salesperson had a sense of calmness and a smile recalling his past as he was able to relate himself to the same story.

He exactly knew what his colleague was going through as he was in the same situation just a couple of years ago.


  • We want to be more successful at our work and in our personal life.
  • Most of the strategies which we 'google' and read from various blog posts & apply isn't working as they are just helping us do it faster and drying out our soul from fulfillment.
  • Our work (I like to call it as work-life) is dominating our personal-life, and we are consciously aware of this situation.
  • In the Story, the whole game is about to change when the colleague meets and confronts about his situation to the Pre-Eminent Salesperson.

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