A Salesperson's Honeymoon

A Compelling journey to becoming a Pre-Eminent Salesperson while having a fulfilled life


The Young Pre-Eminent Salesperson had a sense of calmness and a smile recalling his past as he was able to relate himself to the same story.

He exactly knew what his colleague was going through as he was in the same situation just a couple of years ago.

He had been in the same desert dragging his feet in the hot sand unable to understand what to do about it.

When he had newly joined the company, he showed much promise by delivering results within seven months, which led to his promotion into a new role.

But the new role demanded time, had a broader region to cover, many high-value clients to handle, had an extensive to-do list and high sales targets. It had started taking a toll on his personal life and his goals.

Within eight months in his new role, his sales numbers tanked!

So, seeing his colleague express the same situation which he had been into, he immediately knew he had to help him.

He knew he had to deliver his secrets of how he handled his then situation and continued to use these secrets regularly to enjoy the harmony of life. He had never openly talked about it to anyone.

And he thought that maybe many such salespeople in the world go through the same hardships of work life and are unable to find a solution.

At that very moment, that thought became the hook for his soul, and somewhere in his mind, he committed that one day he will take it up as his life’s work to help as many salespeople in the world as possible.

And he said to himself, it all begins with this colleague who has this problem right now.

Helping him will set out the transformational journey.

So, he responded to his colleague:

Look, I am not sure how to put it in words, but yes there is a SECRET.

Or, I would rather call it a natural way of doing things.

A way of doing the same things which you are currently doing but, with the power of "SalesMoonCurve".

What is that? Exclaimed the colleague. “I have never heard about such a thing”.

"I would like to know more about it", requested the colleague.

Can you spend your time with me and teach me?

Seeing the zeal in his colleague's eyes, which showed how keen he was to have a balanced blissful life, the young man decided to share his secrets with his colleague.

Of course, I will. But Promise me one thing.

“Once you learn and implement this, and have a truly fulfilled life, you should help other salespeople just the way I will be helping you.

"I promise. I will." said the colleague while keeping his fist over his chest and nodding in acceptance.




Well... It's absolutely okay to make yourself associated with 'The Colleague' or the 'Pre-Eminent Salesperson'.

As... 95% of the salespeople are in The Colleague's shoes

& the rest 5% are at-least in one of the shoes of The Pre-Eminent Salesperson

The Young Salesperson in the above story is Pre-Eminent in a very unique way.

I'll talk about it shortly.

But, before we go there, have a look at the below image

It's a reflection of how you should ideally be seeing your life.

Your life should be fun, fulfilled, joyful, content and blissful.

Your Work should be fun too... filled with pride, joy and the satisfaction generated from it, all while achieving the success you desire.

Neither of them should affect the other.

An ideal situation would be: 

  • A very high performer at work.
  • A great husband and a remarkable father who spends his time with his kids, helping them nurture their talents, playing the sports they love... singing, dancing and all those good things which makes a life... LIFE.

  • Moreover, having an abundant self-personal-time to act on your personal goals and desires, keeping yourself all too content in all the areas of your life.

Here's why SalesMoonCurve, a natural way of doing things

P.S :

I am a father and a husband and I understand the role of them very well, but what we are discussing here applies to all salespeople irrespective of their gender

Next up - "THE GATE" (that ordinary looking metal/wooden hinged barrier used to close an opening in a wall, fence, or hedge) - It can teach you a whole lot things about how to approach your work. Seriously!!

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