"An Ex-Sales Employee of a Multi-Billion-Dollar company reveals his #1 secret"

How to comfortably



By working remarkably less and

firing customers - left, right & center.

If you can truly answer all the 6 questions below as an 'YES', then

You can achieve anything!


Part 1 of 2

Suppose, we both knew each other very well & I handed you a RED Envelope.

​The envelope contained 6 cards each having a question.

I asked you to honestly answer them as either “Yes” or “No”. You nodded in agreement and opened the envelope.

If your answer to any of the above questions is 'NO', would you want to find a way to answer all of them as "YES" ?

If you do, then I have some great news to share.

Today, I am a Managing Director of a group of companies

and have grown these companies by 

552% in just 5 Years

But before being a Managing Director of a company

I worked as a Sales Employee in a Multi-Billion-Dollar Company (in the year 2011-2014) handling large sales territory.

I thoroughly loved my work responsibility

And I learnt a lot in a short time, 

But, It came at a cost

A cost of Time.

The cost of time was directly proportional to my personal life and goals.

My Professional Work Life looked like the below:

  • 100-150 emails a day,  40–50 calls a day and had to continuously travel to meet customers.  Just to complete these activities, it took anywhere between 12–14 hours a day. I worked late nights to manage my workload, and a few other colleagues I knew, woke up early in the morning to handle them.
  • Reminders / task-to-do-apps / planners / time-management concepts / tactics and strategies helped partially, but did not solve the core problems (like achieving sales goals, more time for personal life, balancing multiple roles, etc).
  • Whether or not we achieved our sales goals, our workload remained pretty much the same. In fact, the workload grew more due to the stress generated when the sales numbers crumbled. And even after working extra hard, we were not sure if we can taste success.
  • There was a complete imbalance between my personal-life and my work-life. Work-life completely dominated my entire life.
  • Many of us had forgotten to take time for ourselves and spend very little or no time on our hobbies like singing, dancing, playing sports or whatever we loved doing outside the work environment.
  • Stress had kind of become a life companion and
  • Selling had become even more complex than ever. There were multiple decision-makers at most big corporate companies. At best, we were considered as one of the three suppliers despite having great relationships and a high-quality brand. The final purchase orders would often go to the person who is priced “The Lowest” among the three. This was screwing the bottom lines of our company in almost all bigger deals, and at times we had to lose the purchase order when the competition goes crazy aggressive on pricing.

Even after working for 12-14 hours a day, I was not sure if I could ​achieve my goals.

Going frantic about my struggle, I wanted to find a solution to overcome my challenges.

I kept reading books,

Googled with my “How To” questions,

Read blogs and articles,

Followed multiple strategies and concepts.

Followed advice of many Sales & Business Gurus.

Nothing really helped to get me, out of my situation.

I was getting frustrated. 

And now, I was about to become a proud father.

I had dropped my wife to my hometown when she was seven months pregnant.

Since, I had more time for myself, to gain control over my work, I worked from 6.30 in the morning till 8.30 in the evening for a few months.

I wanted to conquer and command my work.

But I just couldn't & my sales tanked!

When my wife came back with my four-month-old son,

I had to make time for them.

But I Couldn't

My wife & my son would be in the room or at times playing around & I would be occupied with my laptop or at times on call.

My laptop would be ‘switched on’ almost all Saturdays and a few Sundays.

I struggled for almost one-and-half years.

All my colleagues, seniors shared very similar challenges, We all were like in the closed loop going in circles.

I remember a colleague saying this:

"I receive mails from my manager at around 2.00 am."

Another replied:

"I start receiving mails from my manager at around 6.00 in the morning"

Ignoring their indirect meaning (Life is just this way!), I just kept rolling with my life, still looking for a solution.

And then the day arrived.

One Lucky Day,

When I was in a bookstore, I came across a book which appealed to me. I pulled out the soft cushion short stool, sat on it and started reading the book. The more I read, the more this book resonated with my situation.

Eager to read the whole book, I bought a copy, went straight home and started reading.

As I kept reading, I got multiple perspectives about my work, which reframed my beliefs,

and then I came across a question.

The question in the book, made me remember an incident that took place, when I was 17 Years old.

I remember this incident as if it was yesterday and it still puts a smile on my face.


And when the question in the book made a deep impact and accidently connected to my incident, an IDEA emerged.

 I applied this IDEA again and again to everything I did, right from the emails, to-do-things, quotations, follow-ups, sales–customer-wise, sales–item-wise, orders won, orders lost, live enquiries, calls and more…

And suddenly I saw,

an unknown new path.

I was shocked! and I wondered

"How can all my work pattern look just the same, when they were completely different and independent of each other."

After analysing them for many days to make sense,

I accidently bumped into a 

'Hidden' secret

It blew my mind.

The epiphany was so strong that I saw numerous connections, new dimensions, which I never discovered earlier. 

And the shocking part was, this secret which was in sync with the way nature behaved.

It was a kind of a 'Out of a body' experience for me.

This movie scene can probably depict the way I felt first time when I uncovered this: "Parallel co-existing work dimension".

A scene from the movie : "Doctor Strange"

Now, to truly realise its power, I framed a commitment to myself and tested the power of this epiphany to always address these four key objectives, which were:


Never Carry my work to home ever

and still become a great salesperson by achieving magnificent results. In-fact I aimed to work less and find a way to achieve humongous results.


Spending high-quality time with my whole family

without affecting my professional-work goals


Work-Life Counter Balance

Making my professional-life and personal-life as independent as possible.


Achieve Personal Life Goals

Spending time with my-inner-self, grooming my skills, talents, and achieving my own individual personal life goals.

Shockingly, It addressed all four objectives comfortably.

By now, in me, there existed, two versions. The 'Version 1' which was My 'Old me' born out of experience. It was a suspicious animal as he always spoke out of his experience.  He often kept saying:

"This can't be true, nobody does it this way, I know things out of my experience and this new approach will definitely not work. You are going to go bonkers."

But 'The Version 2' - My 'New me' had discovered an offbeat approach. He wanted to try things out and talked:

"Well you are already on the losing side and missing out great things in life, what have you got to lose more. The discovery is remarkable. Give it a try?"

Since I knew my 'Version 2' made sense, I firmly took this path by breaking my own old sales habits and ignoring people's advice who pulled me back into their old sales approach and devised a whole new recipe, a whole new formula based on my epiphany.

I named this epiphany as


(Stay with me, I will tell you what is SalesMoonCurve in a bit)

Though I still received 100-150 emails, good number of calls and kept travelling,  I was now working remarkably less, never opened my laptop in my home (Unless really Important & Urgent). Left office always on time, at times early and was pounding my sales targets and goals with the power of SalesMoonCurve.

I was all alone and the only one doing the opposite of what everyone did in my organisation.

Someone said:

"When everyone Zigs, you Zag"

My 'New Me' - 'Version 2' proved himself right and he became the dominant one.

And that really opened my eyes to see that

"I was not the problem"

"I thought the problem was "I am not being efficient in managing my work" and I started "Working extremely Hard with a lot of dedication", thinking it is the solution, 

but the real problem was "We have been taught wrongly how to manage our work & are running on the hamster wheel more efficiently"  & "Working extremely Hard" was further making it worse and screwing our life.

And now, with this realization & newfound power of SalesMoonCurve which was extremely strong, I did not wish to be limited by the outer frame boundaries of my job.

I quit my Job in Jan 2014.

And started an exciting new journey running an Industrial B2B business as a Managing Director.

I have curated and honed the formula of 'SalesMoonCurve' over the last 7 years. 

It works 100% in sales for sure, but that's all.

It works almost everywhere

But I was a bit selfish and I never shared my secret 'Arsenal' to anyone.

This 'secret arsenal' helped me grow my business by 552% in 5 Years while working just 4 hours a day

As I kept meeting many Salespeople, Sales Leaders, Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs from different industries be it B2B or B2C, I started seeing my past in them.

Everyone were still Zigging. 

These salespeople, Sales Leaders, Business leaders & Entrepreneurs were going through the same misery of life without realizing that they can change their whole worklife on its head,

I realized, It's my CALLING

and I took it up as my MISSION

To share my recipe of "SalesMoonCurve" to every relevant person possible and help them get their harmony back.

Because I realized,"It's not really their fault" as the work system they followed to succeed was designed wrongly. 

So, initially I decided to share my secrets of "How to Work Remarkably Less, Fire your Customers & Double your Sales" to a few business friends in B2B and B2C markets and a few friends who are in Sales field working for Big Multi-Billion Corporations.

It literally blew their mind.

One of them was quick to reply:

"This can even 5x to 10X your Sales, or even more than that...all while drastically reducing the amount of work we do."

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