"An Ex-Sales Employee of a Multi-Billion-Dollar company reveals his #1 secret"

How to comfortably



By working remarkably less and

firing customers - left, right & center.

Part 2 of 2

“I can clearly see how to Double my Sales by Firing 27% of my customers .”

Yunus Kadkol, Managing Director, Homstone Industries, An INR 20 Crore (US $ 3 Million) Company

I decided to pen-down the whole secret of my offbeat approach:

"How to Work Remarkably Less, Fire Your Customer & Double Your Sales" in the form of a Book.

And a company is helping me, in my endeavor to spread my offbeat approach, my recipe of SalesMoonCurve across the world.

It doesn't stop there.

When the editor read the draft version of the book, they immediately finalized this book to be showcased in:

World Book Fair 

This is how the Book looks like:

Here's how people are praising the book & about SalesMoonCurve

who have read the draft copy of the book:

I would rate this book 6 Stars out of 5

SalesMoonCurve is MindBlowing, It will save you a ton of time, money and effort all while increasing your sales. If I could, I would rate this book 6 stars out of 5. I already see doubling my sales by firing 27% of my customers

Yunus Kadkol //  Managing Director //  Homestone - INR 20 Crore (US $3 Million) company

One Word: Infinite Possibilities

This book is unputdownable & provides clear directions in getting your work-life and personal-life back in order. It’s the best approach to date to find the work-life balance. It shows you a whole new dimension of your work, having infinite possibilities, and I highly recommend this book.

NAGARAJ PATTAR  //  Sales Manager //  Kennametal India Ltd.

SalesMoonCurve is an Eye Opener.

SalesMoonCurve gives crystal clear picture of where exactly to ‘sniper’ focus our efforts to maximise our sales. This formula of SalesMoonCurve is not limited to sales. It works in almost all parts of the business, be it cash flow management, inventory management, measuring salespeople’s effectiveness and more. You can also fire your own products you sell. This formula has benefitted my businesses, helping us be more productive with a clear growth strategy.

SAMKIT JAIN //  Business Owner //  Sri Rajendra Communications - INR 35 Crore (US $5 Million) B2C company

What is SalesMoonCurve?

SalesMoonCurve ® is a meta-strategy, a flexible, eccentric apparatus for a freewheel ride to Rapid Sales Growth. 

It is extremely simple to implement yet can deliver high impact profound results with a quantum leap

Everything about SalesMoonCurve ®  is explained in the book -

A Salesperson's Honeymoon

If you’re wondering whether, SalesMoonCurve will even work for your unique situation:

It will. 100%. No question about it.

If you have customers who are human and you interact with them,   congratulations, you’re in, baby! 

I’ve been a salesperson and now a business owner of a profitable company. I have been on your side and seen that side too well to know the situation you're in.

I have also seen the more complicated part of running my business and keeping it well-oiled to generate high value output.

SalesMoonCurve is the only way I work.

It's the only way you should work too..
(You will... once you know it completely)

It’s not a tactics-centric approach.
It’s a
strategic customer-centric system that works to build a long-term growth engine, no matter what you sell.

(So long as you have a customer-centric mentality, with the guts to deliver true pre-eminent value to your customers)

Does the meta-strategy "SalesMoonCurve  - The Other Dimension" which I will completely unveil in the book - A Salesperson's Honeymoon sound like the right fit for you? If so, we’d love you to have you.

Here are the Main Concepts:

(Each concept builds over the previous one ultimately connecting to SalesMoonCurve)


The Gate Principle of Work

How a simple Gate of your house or office can be your best teacher & you don't need any more advice than this principle.


The See-Saw Phenomena

Many relate their work life to See-Saw, Efforts on one side, results on other. 

They believe more efforts will get them more results. What they don't realize is that they have distorted reality of actual scenario and semi-blinded


Apple's '98 iMac story is the only Sales lesson you ever need

We'll will go in details to show how The Gate Principle of Work & See-Saw phenomena can help you succeed with the story of iMac '98.



Anatomizing your work is so important that only real successful people use it very often. We'll go in details to explore it.


"Sniper" Strategy

"Sniper" Strategy will help you fire your customers and get more sales instead.


"K.A.M" paradigm

You have to apply the "K.A.M" paradigm to transform your work.



The Ultimate formula to Double your Sales with two Advantages. 1st - Fire Customers and 2nd - Work Remarkably Less.


Real Business case Applications of SalesMoonCurve

Understand how to apply SalesMoonCurve in your sales, your business with real case applications in different companies.

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It's in final editing stage now.

The Book

a salesperson's


Work Remarkably Less,
Fire Your Customers &
Double Your Sales

will be launched by
Sept 24th 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether it will work for your specific situation?

Can inexperienced Salespeople benefit from this book?

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About the Author:

Avinash Kunchurkar is the Managing Director of Kunchurkar Group of companies. He’s passionate about authentic selling and has acute business acumen. He preaches and practices ‘The Art of Working Pre-Eminently,’ and firmly believes in the SalesMoonCurve Recipe, which can apply to almost all the work we do. He has developed his work culture on the same recipe of SalesMoonCurve.
Having seen many salespeople and business owners struggle with their work-life, he decided to share his long-held secret of SalesMoonCurve. He decided to write this book to spread his message to as many people as possible. He has a dedicated platform—worknitro.com, which focuses on delivering high-value content to help salespeople and business owners achieve exponential results.
He lives in Hubli City, his hometown located in Karnataka, India.

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